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Welcome to my Artist Site!

Mando Silohuette photographed by Sid CesarThis is the place for the latest on what I am doing coming directly from me. I have arrived at a plan to release a song every new moon for this year of the Wood Horse. I expect to be updating this page on a weekly basis.
11 March 2014
It is really quite a chore even keeping up with what should be my first point of contact between my friends and fans and myself. With all that has been going on in my personal life along with trying to make a living and such, my bouts of communication become swamped in the malaise. Trying to release the second Wood Horse Moon song has been much tougher than "Chili Eatin Man". The only thing that "Time Is Slipping Away" needs to hit the web is my mandolin lead fill track, then to fit it in the mix and send the song to my mastering engineer. The track should emerge in the next day or two and be to Tom Waltz by the end of the week. Then I can post it and do a little promo and maybe get back up to the top of the Santa Fe ReverbNation chart. If you would like to help me keep up in the chart, simply play my radio in the upper right while you are reading my posts. Thanks. It won't be long before I have two released songs, then 3,4,5....

3 March 2014
So the best laid plans fall victim to reality once again. The song release for moon two of this wood horse year is close to ready. I am producing "Time Is Slipping Away", and I moved it ahead in the order because I thought it might be easier. It is not turning out that way, but it should be done soon. The real holdup is my insecurity with mandolin chops, so I find myself rehearsing a mandolin lead with the mix over and over. It will be worth the delay, but it puts more pressure on the next release "Wildland Firefighter", which has to be out before the fire season starts. Wish me the best, and please help me to promote my site and music by sharing it with your friends.

8 February 2014
I will be focusing on getting my social networking pointing to this site and assembling 1000 VIP fans by the time "Wildland FireFighter is released on 31 March. Make sure you are on my mailing list or have friended me or the Gila band or liked my music so that I can keep you posted on this effort. There will be real benefits to being on of my first 1000 fans, so stay tuned. I also will be working like crazy on "Time is Slipping Away", which will be released on 1 March.
6 February 2014
A week into the new year and another until the first full moon. I have reached a tipping point regarding the distribution of my various social networks on the web. I will be developing this page to assemble a mailing list, and cnbyrd.net will be the primary connection between myself and anyone interested in the whole of what I am doing as a musical artist. The Gila Dance Band presence will primarily be concerned with partner dance music. Hopefully in the near future I can put together a band to play some live engagements.

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!!!

31 January 2014
"Chili Eatin' Man is now out of the box. The artist is Gila Dance Band and you can find it to stream on Soundcloud, at Reverbnationor on the Gilaband Website. At the band site as well as on the player above you can get a free download in exchange for a FaceBook like. Please share and download it, and make sure you are on my mailing list. I have decided that the song released on the next new moon, 1 March, will be "Time is Slipping Away", and "Wildland Firefighter" will be deferred until the 30th of March. WLFF is needing a lot more production work than I can do in the next 28 days, and TISA is almost ready. Enjoy "Chili Eatin' Man".

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